Sociology - CPS Specialty (SCLY)

SCLY 1000. The Sixties. 3 Hours.

Presents a political, philosophical, sociological, and cultural analysis of the sixties. Discusses the major issues of that era, including civil rights, the Vietnam War, the student movement. Emphasizes the arts, including music and film.

SCLY 1001. Introduction to Sociology. 3 Hours.

Presents the fundamental principles and problems of the structure and dynamics of modern American society, including a study of economic, political, cultural, and religious influences. Also examines the characteristics of childhood development; family and social relationships; deviance (gangs, drugs, crime); race relations; population explosion; sexuality and gender identification; and large-scale social change. Discusses comparisons and distinctions with the study of other major industrialized societies and the United States to further understand the formation of today’s diverse societies.

SCLY 1004. Law and Society. 3 Hours.

Analyzes the impact of the legal system on the creation and perpetuation of criminality in contemporary American society. Emphasizes the study of the creation of criminal law, the judicial process, and the role of law in the gap between crime and social justice. Suitable for students in prelaw, criminal justice, political science, and allied fields.

SCLY 1005. Popular Culture. 3 Hours.

Explores the significance of expressions of popular culture such as film, television, music, and literature. Entertainment, public figures, and popular music are part of everyday life. How much of the world around us do we accept without question? Examines media production, organization, technology, and audience consumption. Discusses countercultures and subcultures, moral and ethical considerations, high and low culture, independent and corporate business influences, and consumerism and consumption. Topics include the effects of popular culture on race, gender, and class and the relationship between popular culture and existing socioeconomic institutions.

SCLY 1013. Sociology of Sport. 3 Hours.

Applies critical sociological inquiry to the social realm of sports. Sport is an important part of most individuals’ lives. Examines sports in social history including the intersection with other social phenomena such as gender, class, and race. Covers the modern development of sports within the context of nations, classes, and identities. Topics include the role of play in modern society, the social organization of specific games and sports, and the relation of organized sport to the larger society.