Honors Program (HONR)

HONR 1101. Honors Discovery Supplement. 0 Hours.

Designed to supplement HONR 1102.

HONR 1102. Honors Discovery. 1 Hour.

Offers a team-taught course required for all first-year honors students. Designed to help students prepare for their campus honors years and create a sense of community within the first-year honors experience. During the semester, students have an opportunity to explore the goals of the University Honors Program: taking part in a living learning community, learning through an interdisciplinary perspective, establishing a research focus, participating in experiential learning, experiencing global awareness, and contributing to civic engagement.

HONR 1310. Honors Inquiry. 4 Hours.

Designed to provide an honors introductory-level experience. Draws upon an interdisciplinary perspective to expand individual knowledge and facilitate a deeper understanding of issues. Similar to a topics course, each section of the course offers a new and unique academic experience. May be repeated without limit.

HONR 3309. Honors Seminar Abroad. 4 Hours.

Seeks to promote knowledge, understanding, and global engagement through course work, language acquisition, travel, and participation in a Northeastern University designed and delivered international academic experience. Targeted toward honors students who may not have the opportunity to complete international work later on in their academic career or who want to have an early international experience prior to a more traditional study abroad or international co-op experience. May be repeated without limit.

HONR 3310. Honors Seminar. 4 Hours.

Designed to provide an honors intermediate-level experience. Draws upon an interdisciplinary perspective to expand individual knowledge and facilitate a more advanced understanding of issues. Emphasizes research and inquiry of urban, historical, or contemporary themes. May be repeated up to nine times.

HONR 4992. Directed Study. 1-4 Hours.

Offers independent work under the direction of the department on a chosen topic. Course content depends on instructor. Requires Honors Program participation. May be repeated without limit.

HONR 4997. Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis. 4 Hours.

Represents a culmination of the diverse topics students encounter while enrolled in the University Honors Program. Offers students an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor to conduct intensive original research that includes an interdisciplinary perspective and produces a significant body of work. The thesis should utilize a cross-discipline perspective that includes at least two disciplines, allowing students to express their academic creativity, to discover new ways of synthesizing information, and to test the traditional boundaries between disciplines.