Interdisciplinary Studies - Office of the Provost (INPR)

INPR 0081. College Mathematics. 0 Hours.

Covers the laws of exponents; roots; linear, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions; and operations of functions. Emphasizes understanding and manipulating these basic functions and their inverses and compositions. If time permits, additional topics such as complex numbers and matrices are also covered.

INPR 0082. Academic Writing and Critical Reading. 0 Hours.

Involves a thorough examination of writing as a means of self-expression and refining one’s thinking to achieve academic success at the college level. Rests on the assumption that good writers are good readers; therefore, emphasizes developing critical reading strategies in order to interpret texts based on content, meaning, and style. Offers students an opportunity to experience breaking down, processing, taking notes on, and reflecting on the types of challenging texts ahead of them in the college years.

INPR 0083. Immersion College Seminar. 0 Hours.

Designed for Torch Scholars. Seeks to prepare each student for the transition from high school to college. Offers students an opportunity to learn about the Northeastern culture and what it takes to be a successful Torch Scholar. Seeks to provide students with the support necessary to excel during their time at the university as well as the tools to build strong and empowering relationships with their peers, faculty, advisors, and mentors. The assignments of the course offer students opportunities to explore their resources on campus and beyond and learn vital skills for college success. Restricted to Torch Scholars and other Opportunity Scholars by invitation only.

INPR 1100. University Scholars Seminar on Innovation and Research. 0 Hours.

Offers a weekly seminar designed to introduce University Scholars to the most innovative research, best ideas, and provocative people at Northeastern. May be repeated once.