Art - Studio (ARTS)

ARTS 1990. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions.

ARTS 2330. Sculpture Basics. 4 Hours.

Offers a studio course with an in-depth exploration into the process of creating sculpture. Builds on the introductory experience of ARTF 1124, with more advanced 3D concepts, materials, tools, and techniques. Emphasizes personal exploration, concept development, and creative innovation. Exposes students to sculpture through lectures, demonstrations, critiques, and hands-on assignments. Prereq. (a) ARTF 1124 or permission of instructor and (b) sophomore standing or above.

ARTS 2340. Painting Basics. 4 Hours.

Presents an introductory studio course in the fundamental techniques of painting. Formal problems in the study of color, light, space systems, form, and composition establish the foundation for more individual creative expression. Uses critiques and slide lectures as needed.

ARTS 2341. Figure Drawing. 4 Hours.

Focuses on developing the student’s awareness of the structure of the figure as well as the emotive qualities of “figuration.” Students draw from a model in each class. They also develop drawings based on the political and social concerns of contemporary culture and the role of gender as seen through “image.”.

ARTS 2990. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions.

ARTS 3449. Drawing in Mixed Media. 4 Hours.

Offers an upper-level course designed for students who want to explore the ever-changing discipline of drawing, which has now become a medium that stands on its own. Explores a range of media for generating drawings, including traditional techniques and computer-based media. Emphasizes open-ended application and interpretation of drawing as a medium. Requires students to attend lectures and exhibitions and keep a journal.

ARTS 3990. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions.

ARTS 4540. Art Degree Project 1. 4 Hours.

Draws on a range of theoretical and critical texts that address current issues and methodologies in art. Offers students an opportunity to complete writing assignments and to visit local artist studios, galleries, and museums. Writing and discussions are designed to lead to identification of a focus for ARTS 4541. Prereq. (a) ENGW 1111, ENGW 1102, ENGL 1111, or ENGL 1102 and (b) senior standing; art majors only.

ARTS 4541. Art Degree Project 2. 4 Hours.

Introduces nontraditional art concepts in an intensive studio course. Includes categories of performance art, installation art, electronic art, multimedia, and kinetic art. Using their own frames of reference and experience, students contribute to a collaborative project and are responsible for keeping a journal that helps them formulate their ideas. Students reflect upon their co-op, internships, and other art-related experiences in a written essay that accompanies their final product. Prereq. ARTS 4540 and junior or senior standing; art majors only.

ARTS 4990. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions.

ARTS 4992. Directed Study. 1-4 Hours.

Offers independent work under the direction of members of the department on a chosen topic. Course content depends on instructor.

ARTS 4997. Thesis. 4 Hours.

Focuses on the production of a twenty- to thirty-page thesis. Students do individual research under the direction of a faculty member on art-historical topics appropriate to their personal and professional interests. Conceived for art majors who are completing the Bachelor of Arts degree and whose primary interest is in art history. Fulfills the Arts and Sciences experiential education requirement for art/art history.

ARTS 5100. Visual Ideation. 4 Hours.

Explores drawing in a variety of media that communicate critical and analytical thinking about arts in the public sphere. Offers students an opportunity to learn how to use drawing and visualization to communicate effectively in a variety of media, either on paper or in digital media. Students can use collage, photo, digital media, and freehand drawing to express ideas for larger environmental and public projects. (Drawing is the way that artists such as Christo propose large-scale projects and is a viable way to secure acceptance of an idea.) Prereq. Senior or graduate standing; arts, media and design students only.

ARTS 6000. Studio. 4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to be mentored by a faculty member while completing the studio art portion of the master’s degree. Prereq. Restricted to NU-only MFA students.

ARTS 7896. Studio Continuation. 0 Hours.

Continues Art + Design studio work under the supervision of a departmental faculty member. Culminates for the successful student in approval of a thesis exhibition and/or written corollary for master’s-level work. Prereq. ARTS 6000 or SMFA 6000; open to NU/SMFA and NU-only MFA students.