Energy Systems (ENSY)

ENSY 5000. Fundamentals of Energy System Integration. 4 Hours.

Presents fundamental issues of successfully integrating and implementing energy systems. Exposes students to combined heat and power strategies (cogeneration system), strategies of incorporating renewable with nonrenewable energy sources, thermoeconomics, and carbon sequesteration techniques. Includes energy, exergy, and thermoeconomic cost factors in the presented case studies. Explores the effects of public policy, regulations, and financial operations on selecting energy technology. Students are given case studies to illustrate the complexity of implementing energy systems and are expected to complete a major project involving proposing an energy system. Emphasizes that successful implementation of energy systems requires both a technical and an economic solution. Prereq. Calculus-based physics and chemistry and senior or graduate standing; engineering and technological entrepreneurship students only.

ENSY 5585. Wind Energy Systems. 4 Hours.

Introduces wind energy and its applications. Integrates aerodynamics of wind turbine design with the structures needed to support them. Covers types of wind turbines, their components, and related analyses; airfoil aerodynamics; concepts of lift, drag, pitching moment, circulation, angle of attack, and stall; laminar and turbulent boundary layers and separation concepts; fundamental conservation equations; Bernoulli’s, Euler’s, and Navier-Stokes equations and their applications; Betz limit; computational fluid dynamics and its application for flow over typical airfoils; compressibility and elements of one-dimensional gas dynamics; wind resource; wind climatology and meteorological data; turbine tower and structural engineering aspects of turbines; vibration problems; aeroelastic phenomena in turbines; small wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines; and introduces environmental and societal impacts and economic aspects. Prereq. Engineering students only.

ENSY 6962. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions.

ENSY 6964. Co-op Work Experience. 0 Hours.

Provides eligible students with an opportunity for work experience. Prereq. ENCP 6000.

ENSY 6965. Co-op Work Experience Abroad. 0 Hours.

Provides eligible students with an opportunity for work experience abroad. Prereq. Engineering students only.

ENSY 7374. Special Topics in Energy Systems. 4 Hours.

Offers topics of interest to the staff member conducting the course for advanced study. Prereq. Engineering students only.

ENSY 7978. Independent Study. 1-4 Hours.

Offers an individual effort in an area selected by student and advisor and approved by the Department Discipline Committee, resulting in a definitive report. Prereq. Engineering students only.