Biochemistry (BIOC)

BIOC 1000. Biochemistry at Northeastern. 1 Hour.

Introduces first-year students to the major and the field of biochemistry and to the professional and academic resources available to students at Northeastern University. Acquaints students with their faculty, advisors, and fellow students; provides an initial orientation to undergraduate research, cooperative education, and other experiential learning options; helps develop the academic skills necessary to succeed; provides grounding in the culture and values of the university community; and assists in interpersonal skill development—in short, familiarizes students with the resources and skills needed to become a successful university student.

BIOC 4900. Biochemistry Capstone. 1 Hour.

Designed for students who are also enrolled in approved 4-semester-hour research courses (BIOL 4991 or CHEM 4991) where they conduct original experimental work under the direction of a faculty mentor. Requires reflection by students on their various educational experiences, extensive research of scientific questions related to these experiences (with the research itself carried out in the approved 4-semester-hour research course), and development of an original research report. Required components include writing with revision and an oral presentation at a programwide capstone seminar late in the semester. Offers students an opportunity to hone reflection and communication skills through formal and informal presentations, class discussion, and critique. Requires concurrent registration in BIOL 4991 or CHEM 4991.

BIOC 4970. Junior/Senior Honors Project 1. 4 Hours.

Focuses on in-depth project in which a student conducts research or produces a product related to the student’s major field. Combined with Junior/Senior Project 2 or college-defined equivalent for 8-credit honors project. May be repeated without limit.

BIOC 4971. Junior/Senior Honors Project 2. 4 Hours.

Focuses on second semester of in-depth project in which a student conducts research or produces a product related to the student’s major field. May be repeated without limit.

BIOC 4991. Research. 4 Hours.

Offers an opportunity to conduct research under faculty supervision.

BIOC 4994. Internship. 4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity for internship work. May be repeated without limit.