Communication Studies - CPS Specialty (CMMN)

CMMN 0053. Fundamentals of Public Speaking. 0 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to learn to prepare, organize, and deliver a speech or a presentation for a topic of their choice; to practice delivery skills; to interact with an audience; to master the basics of working with visual aids; and to incorporate technology into a presentation.

CMMN 1000. “He Said, She Said”—Male/Female Communication. 3 Hours.

Analyzes the ways in which female/male relationships are created, maintained, developed, or disintegrated through communications. Examines the influence of family, friends, the media, and “significant others” in sustaining stereotypes for both sexes and the impact of such stereotyping on the self and effective communication. Covers the use of verbal and nonverbal communications to understand the types of relationships between men and women and how different male/female language styles and usage affect these relationships.

CMMN 1005. Interpersonal and Group Communication. 3 Hours.

Focuses on the interpersonal and group communication contexts. Examines skills and strategies necessary for developing and maintaining effective personal and professional relationships. Topics include perception, self-concept, emotions, attitudes and values, nonverbal communication, language, and methods of conflict resolution in group interaction.

CMMN 1101. Fundamentals of Human Communication. 4 Hours.

Seeks to provide a foundation for understanding the communication process as it applies to human interaction. Examines how language, literacy, nonverbal messages, listening, perception, and other related variables affect the process of human communication. Explores the relevance of communication to dyadic, group, organizational, political, and intercultural contexts. Requires students to present, to participate actively in roundtable discussions and debates, and to prepare and participate in a poster session.

CMMN 1102. Professional Speaking. 4 Hours.

Seeks to provide students with the tools necessary to plan and deliver a professional speech and with opportunities to practice and perfect their own presentation styles. Discusses common issues in public speaking, such as anxiety, audience analysis, and selecting a topic. Covers organizing a speech and developing effective introductions and conclusions. Explores methods of delivery and presentation aids. Exposes students to different types of speeches, both inside and outside of academia.

CMMN 2320. Crisis Communication. 4 Hours.

Examines proactive and reactive approaches to crisis communication from the perspective of practitioners and academics who have worked and studied within this area of organizational communication. Crisis occurs in organizations, and effective communication to internal and external stakeholders during crises can reduce the potential negative effects of these crises.