Computer Industry Writing, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Computer Industry Writing delivers in-demand technical writing and editing skills used in high-tech companies. You’ll have the opportunity to develop several types of technical documentation, including online help, user manuals, screencasts, quick reference guides, and a DITA project. Our courses also give you ample exposure to popular software tools used by technical communicators in the field today. Courses from this certificate also serve as a concentration the Master of Science in Technical Communication (MSTC). You can directly apply the certificate courses to the MSTC.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses

TCC 6400Structured Documentation4
TCC 6410Online Documentation4
TCC 6430Writing for the Computer Industry4
TCC 6440Advanced Writing for the Computer Industry4
TCC 6630Introduction to XML2
TCC 6150Writing Portfolio2

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

20 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required