Integrative Health and Wellness, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness is designed to equip students to apply cross-disciplinary approaches to patient or client health and wellness. Students explore how to interact with diverse patients or clients within a variety of settings and how to utilize a holistic model for patient care by incorporating strengths-based perspective, cross-cultural communication, resilience, advocacy, and problem solving. This certificate equips emerging and current healthcare practitioners and professionals to apply integrative well-being principles toward a wide variety of approaches and practices that create cohesive and holistic assessments and intervention plans for those they serve. Students have an oppoprtunity to learn how to advocate for access and navigate the wide variety of care options that are available, while considering social determinants of health, patient’s cultural and economic belief systems, social and mental supports, and the potential appropriate interventions. Students will work side-by-side with a multidisciplinary array of practitioners to develop the needed assessment and intervention skills to excel within the wide range of roles and applications available across integrative healthcare in our global 21st-century delivery system. 

The mission of the Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness at Northeastern University is to cultivate diverse practitioners who can use innovative assessments and resource identification tools to coordinate holistic patient care. Here, we train health practitioners and professionals on how to be agile learners, thinkers, and creators in integrative health, wellness, and resilience


Core Curriculum (16 credits)

NTR 6105Foundations of Integrative Health4
NTR 6125The Process of Health and Healing: Exploring Systems in the Body—Part 14
NTR 6135The Process of Health and Healing: Exploring Systems in the Body—Part 24
NTR 6160Survey of Integrative Practices and Interventions4

Experiential Capstone (2–4 credits)

NTR 7880Wellness in Practice2-4