Cloud Computing Application and Management, Graduate Certificate

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet. Due to the relatively lower cost of IT solutions, many organizations have started to take advantage of cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Softlayer, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, and so on. These web service providers offer a broad range of global cloud-based IT products, including computing technologies, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, Internet of Things connectivity, and security and enterprise applications. These services can help organizations move faster, facilitate agile development, and better manage scalability.

The cloud computing application and management (CCA&M) graduate certificate offers students an opportunity to develop technical and management skills to address the needs of enterprise IT services. They will study theoretical and practical aspects of distributed systems from both technical and business perspectives. Successful students will be able to identify frameworks, techniques, and existing IT solutions to manage internet services at different levels (infrastructure, platform, and software). Students in the CCA&M graduate certificate program will also be able to demonstrate the ability to use APIs to integrate applications and business operations into the cloud. They can be directly employed by web service providers or instead work as IT solutions managers in organizations that contract with web service providers.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirement

Required Courses
ITC 6420Introduction to Cloud Computing Applications and Management3
ITC 6450Advanced Cloud Computing Applications and Management3
ITC 6015Enterprise Information Architecture3
ITC 6320Information Security Technology3
ITC 6355Web Application Design and Development3
Complete one of the following:3-4
Network Protection
Cloud Analytics
Enterprise Data Storage and Management Technologies

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

18 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required