College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Uta G. Poiger, PhD, Dean
Natasha Frost, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Amy Killeen, MEd, Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Services
Sheila Magee Beare, MSCJ, Associate Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Services
Amber Crowe, MS, Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Admissions and Student Services

180 Renaissance Park
617.373.7281 (fax)

General Regulations

Graduate education at Northeastern integrates the highest level of scholarship across disciplinary boundaries with significant research and experiential learning opportunities. This multidimensional learning environment seeks to develop students’ critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills while introducing them to new perspectives in their fields. Our doctoral, master’s, and professional degree programs seek to produce graduates who are well prepared for the diverse demands of careers in academia, industry, and the professions.