Game Design, Graduate Certificate

Game design is one of the fastest-growing fields in entertainment, business, and education. From healthcare to political science, companies use games to educate their constituents and enhance employee skills.

The Graduate Certificate in Game Design offers a practice-oriented approach to the art and science of game making. The program emphasizes visual design and programming for video games and fosters conceptual understanding of the principles of game design for all varieties of games—from educational board games to iPhone games.

Courses in this program also serve as a concentration in the Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses

DGM 6122Foundations of Digital Storytelling4
DGM 6308Intermediate Programming for Digital Media (Must take Test to qualify, if not take DMG 6108))4
DGM 6400Game Design Fundamentals4
DGM 6403Game Engine Fundamentals4
DGM 6405Game Development4

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

20 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required