Social Media and Online Communities, Graduate Certificate

Social media management and strategy development have become core skills required for communication professionals. According to WANTED Analytics, 1.6 million working professionals utilize social media skills in jobs at the manager and executive level. The Graduate Certificate in Social Media and Online Communities focuses on strategic framework and the role digital media has in supporting organizational performance. The program integrates theory and practice, including experimenting with various tools and platforms and reflecting on lessons learned from active management and experimentation. 

Students completing the program will have the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills to:

  • Take a strategic approach to the design and implementation of social media channels and online communities
  • Learn how to define metrics for measuring success, develop training, and evaluate the performance of social media activities
  • Manage organizational risks and learn best practices in the creation of social media policies and guidelines

Courses within the social media and online communities certificate program also serve as a concentration through the Master's in Corporate and Organizational Communication program.

Required Courses

Required Courses
CMN 6015Introduction to the Digital Era: The Power of Social Media 13
CMN 6025Digital Era Skills: Platforms, Tools, and Techniques3
CMN 6035Legal, Policy, and Ethical Issues in the Digital Era3
CMN 6045Leveraging Digital Technologies: Strategy, Assessment, and Governance3
CMN 6065Implementation and Management of Social Media Channels and Online Communities3
Complete one to two of the following: 13-8
Interactive Marketing Fundamentals
Social Media and Brand Strategy Implementation
Content Strategy
Consumer Behaviors in the Online Environment

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

19–21 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required