Application for reentry into any academic program is required of students whose studies are interrupted voluntarily for a period of one to three years. Students seeking reentry must fill out the Request for Reentry form

Students who are dismissed must wait at least one academic term before applying for reinstatement.

Students are expected to meet the requirements of the program curriculum current at the time of the approved reentry term. In addition, College of Professional Studies and transfer courses will be reevaluated. The seven-year time limit on science and technology courses may expire. If a student does not enroll in the term in which he or she was approved for reentry, he or she must follow the curriculum requirements for the term in which he or she resumes coursework. If a student waits for more than one year to resume his or her studies after being approved for reentry, he or she will have to apply for reentry again.

If the program into which the student is seeking reentry is no longer offered, the student may choose to enroll in another program if he or she meets the admissions requirements for that program.