Dean’s List

A dean’s list for the undergraduate programs is compiled at the end of each fall, winter, and spring term to recognize students’ academic accomplishments.

The requirements to be on the dean’s list are:

  • 3.500 or higher term GPA
  • In good academic standing
  • Enrolled in at least half-time (6 semester hours per full semester)
  • No incomplete grade
  • No grade below C–
  • No grade on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (pass/fail) basis, except when there is no alternative or when required by the program

Dean’s list recognition is noted on the student’s official academic record.

Graduation with Honors

Graduation with honors is reserved for bachelor’s degree candidates who have completed 60 semester hours in residence and who meet the following GPA requirements to graduate with honors:

GPA Honor Conferred
3.500–3.699 Graduate with honor (cum laude)
3.700–3.849 Graduate with high honor (magna cum laude)
3.850–4.000 Graduate with highest honor (summa cum laude)

Note: The university reserves the right to change these standards.

Residency Requirement

In addition to meeting all degree and major requirements, students must earn a minimum of 50 percent of the total hours required for graduation at the College of Professional Studies in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. Exceptions to this requirement include active-duty military personnel and bachelor’s degree students who transferred from a qualifying college at Northeastern University. Active-duty military personnel must earn 25 percent of their undergraduate credits at the College of Professional Studies. Students who transfer from another college at Northeastern University must earn a minimum of 15 percent of their semester hours at the College of Professional Studies.

Active-Duty Military Personnel

As a member of the Service Member Opportunity Colleges, the College of Professional Studies’ academic residency requirement is different for active-duty service members. Active-duty service members are required to complete 25 percent of the undergraduate certificate/degree program at the College of Professional Studies.