Graduation Procedures

The following information is for degree-seeking students only. Certificate students should refer to the “Certificate” section below.

Only students who complete the graduation application process by specified deadlines will be considered for graduation and included in the graduation ceremony program. All qualified students must submit a graduation application in order to receive their diploma, regardless of whether they plan to attend the graduation ceremony.

Note important definitions: “Degree conferral date” and “graduation ceremony date” are not the same. Degree conferral date refers to the date of the university’s official recognition of degree completion. For the purposes of the graduation application that is accessed via the Student Hub, the “Expected Graduation Date” is the same as the degree conferral date. Northeastern University confers degrees three times each academic year: at the end of the fall, spring, and summer terms. The graduation ceremony date is the date that the college hosts the annual graduation ceremony.

Each fall, the Office of the University Registrar sends an email notification to students who may be eligible to graduate that academic year about applying to graduate. Eligibility is based on the number of earned credits at the beginning of the fall term. This email notification informs and instructs students to complete the “Apply to Graduate” process, accessed via the Student Hub. Students are prompted to verify and provide critical information, e.g., spelling of the student’s name on the diploma, intent to participate in the graduation ceremony, and mailing address.

An accurate EGD is required to gain access to the graduation application. The EGD is also used by clearinghouses to determine loan deferment schedules. A student who needs to update their EGD should contact their academic advisor.


Information that will be printed on diplomas includes:

  • Degree.
  • The major will be printed on diplomas for nonspecified degrees (Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts) only. Minors are not printed on any diplomas.
  • Honors designation, for those who qualify.

Changes made to a student’s name after the diploma has been printed may be subject to a $50 fee and take more than one month to reprint.

Changes made to a student’s degree information and name submitted after the program deadline will not be noted in the graduation ceremony program.


The College of Professional Studies confers undergraduate certificates at the same time degrees are conferred each year in fall, spring, and summer terms. Students must submit a completed Request to Declare Certificate Completion form to their academic advisor in order to have their academic record audited to receive their certificate. Deadlines apply. Students should contact their academic advisor for more information. 

Academic Transcripts

Currently enrolled students may obtain unofficial transcripts and also order official transcripts from the Student Hub. For further information on transcript requests, visit the Office of the University Registrar website. All questions concerning transcript requests should be directed to 617.373.2300, TTY 617.373.5360.

Academic information noted on official academic transcripts include degree/certificate name; major; minor (if applicable); academic history, including transfer credits; and graduation honors designation (if applicable).