“I Am Here” Process

After course registration, students are required to verify their intent to enroll in College of Professional Studies class(es) through their Student Hub account during the first week of each class start. This verification process is called “I Am Here.” Students who fail to complete this process on time will be dropped from their class(es), which may impact their financial aid or international student visa eligibility.

Students are responsible for ensuring completion of the “I Am Here” process, which requires that they do not log out of the system early. Students who do not receive a “Successful Completion” message have not reached the end of the procedure and must start again. Sometimes it may take 24 hours before students can restart the procedure.

A student who registers for a course and completes the “I Am Here” process but does not officially drop the course by the deadline, regardless of their level of participation or attendance/nonattendance, is responsible for paying 100% of the tuition charges and applicable fees and the final earned grade. A student in this situation may earn an F grade that will be part of their permanent academic record.

Students who experience difficulty with the process or have questions should email the Office of the University Registrar.