0001–0999 Orientation and basic
No degree credit


1000–1999 Introductory level (first year)
Survey, foundation, and introductory courses, normally with no prerequisites and designed primarily for students with no prior background
2000–2999 Intermediate level (sophomore/junior year)
Normally designed for sophomores and above but in some cases open to freshman majors in the department
3000–3999 Upper-intermediate level (junior year)
Designed primarily as courses for juniors; prerequisites are normally required, and these courses are prerequisites for advanced courses
4000–4999 Advanced level (senior year)
Designed primarily for juniors and seniors; also includes specialized courses such as research, capstone, and thesis


5000–5999 First-level graduate
Courses primarily for graduate students and qualified undergraduate students with permission
6000–6999 Second-level graduate
Generally for master’s and clinical doctorate only
7000–7999 Third-level graduate
Master’s- and doctoral-level courses; includes master’s thesis
8000–8999 Clinical/research/readings
Includes comprehensive exam preparation
9000–9999 Doctoral research and dissertation