A candidate for the master’s degree must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate-level coursework and such other study as may be required by the department in which the student is registered.

To qualify for the degree, a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.000, equivalent to a grade of B, must be obtained. This average will be calculated each semester according to the university grading system and will exclude any transfer credits and nonrepeatable courses that have been retaken. A student who does not make satisfactory progress toward degree requirements, as specified by the individual department, may be terminated from the program.

Comprehensive Examination

A final written or oral comprehensive examination is required in some programs. This examination will be given by the department concerned at least two weeks before the commencement at which the degree is expected to be conferred.


A master’s thesis is required in some programs and should demonstrate the individual’s capacity to execute independent work based on original material. Registration for Thesis is required in most programs.

Theses must be approved by the departmental graduate committee and, in cases in which a grade is required, must receive a grade of B (3.000) or better to be accepted.

Continuity of Registration

Students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress toward their intended degrees. All students must be registered in the last semester of their program. A student who does not enroll for a period of three semesters, or one year, will be required to apply for readmission. Readmission is done via Slate. A student who does not enroll for a period of two semesters, or less than one year, may petition their department for reactivation. If the department is supportive, the student will be required to submit a written request to the departmental graduate committee. If the graduate committee feels the student is worthy of reactivation, the student’s written request must be submitted to Graduate Student Services. Please note that college admissions deadlines apply to requests for readmission and reactivation.