Elizabeth Mynatt, PhD, Dean

Ben Hescott, PhD, Teaching Professor, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Student Experience

Jodi Tims, PhD, Associate Dean of Khoury College in the Global Network
Amal Ahmed, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Meg Barry Bebis, Senior Director for Graduate Student Services and Career Development


At the Khoury College of Computer Sciences, we are inspired by our information-driven world and strive to make it a better place. Our students engage in rigorous learning and real-world co-op experiences. Our renowned faculty shapes minds, sparks innovation, and inspires ideas. Our interdisciplinary research breaks new ground to solve everyday problems.

Khoury maintains a strong research program with significant funding from the major federal research agencies and private industry. With a substantial increase in faculty strength and research funding in recent years, we are actively seeking highly motivated, bright, hardworking students who are interested in pursuing a PhD degree in computer science or in the interdisciplinary field of cybersecurity, network science, or personal health informatics. Graduate students and faculty members are involved in exciting projects in a wide range of research areas, including programming languages, software engineering, distributed and parallel computing, cryptography, network security, health informatics, network science, databases, information retrieval, robotics, visualization, and artificial intelligence. Colloquia and weekly research seminars contribute to the vibrant research atmosphere in the college.

Our curriculum encompasses both the breadth and depth needed for graduate school. Specialized, advanced courses for PhD students in computer science, cybersecurity, and personal health informatics are designed to prepare all students for research early in their doctoral education.

The Master of Science in Computer Science curriculum combines the study of basic algorithms and theoretical computer science principles with advanced programming and software design methods. It offers students the opportunity to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to pursue challenging professional careers.

Khoury also offers the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, which provides a comprehensive framework of theory and practice in this emerging field and incorporates elements of data science, robotics, and machine learning; and the Master of Science in Cybersecurity focuses on information technology and incorporates the understanding of the social sciences, law, criminology, and management needed to prevent and combat cyberattacks.

In addition, we offer four interdisciplinary master’s degree programs: the Master of Science in Health Informatics with Bouvé College of Health Sciences, which seeks to prepare graduates to use information technology to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes; the Master of Science in Data Science with the College of Engineering, which is designed to give students a comprehensive framework for processing, modeling, analyzing, and reasoning about data; the Master of Science in Robotics with the College of Engineering, which offers students an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the algorithms, sensors, control systems, and mechanisms used in robotics; and the Master of Science in Game Science and Design with the College of Arts, Media and Design, which seeks to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how successful game products are created in a player-centric environment.

The Align program enables intellectually curious students to earn a Master of Science in Computer Science or Data Science without a background in the field. Regardless of undergraduate major or prior programming experience, Align's custom curricula is designed to prepare students for high-demand industries. 

Khoury College is a tightly knit community, and the faculty, staff, and students interact regularly through town hall meetings, social gatherings, lectures, and seminars. A diverse, multicultural graduate student body and faculty encourage rich extracurricular interaction. The Master's Council organizes a number of social events to promote friendship and camaraderie within the Khoury community.