Hazel Sive, PhD, Dean
Brent Nelson, PhD, Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Carla Mattos, PhD, Associate Dean, Professional Programs and Graduate Affairs
Erin Cram, PhD, Associate Dean, Research
Oyinda Oyelaran, PhD, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Randall Hughes, PhD, Associate Dean, Equity
Sam Inman, MBA, Associate Dean, Administration and Finance
Rachelle Reisberg, MS, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Curriculum and Students
Tracy Tan, MS, Assistant Dean, Professional Programs

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Graduate Student Services

The College of Science seeks to offer advanced students outstanding academics and real-world research experience through cutting-edge research opportunities that are both discipline based and interdisciplinary. Our doctoral and master’s degree programs in the physical sciences, life sciences, and mathematics seek to give students a deep understanding of emerging fields such as chemical biology, cognition and neuroscience, environmental and marine science, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biotechnology, nanoscience, and network science. Our programs are positioned at the forefront of discovery, invention, and innovation. We seek to prepare students and professionals to enter the scientific workforce serving the academic, government, or private sector.