Elizabeth Hudson, PhD, Dean

Andrea Raynor, MFA, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Jane Amidon, M.L.Arch, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives
Casper Harteveld, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Matthew McDonald, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty and Research
Thomas Michael, MBA, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Katherine Calzada, M.Ed, Assistant Dean for Research
Ian Canning, MBA, Assistant Dean for Mobility, Executive, and Partner Programs
Adam Smith, MS, MBA, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs

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Graduate Enrollment and Student Services
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The College of Arts, Media and Design offers graduate programs that build on existing knowledge and establish innovative areas of inquiry and practice. We work with students to frame, research, and answer transformative questions. Together, we challenge, engage, and shape global cultures and marketplaces.

Our Mission

We create a distinctive experiential education by leveraging emergent practices and scholarship in the arts, media, and design. Our unique combination of disciplines empowers innovative thinking and making. Our students become informed citizens and creative leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Graduate Studies in the College of Arts, Media and Design

Welcome to graduate studies at CAMD. We deliver an outstanding graduate education in traditional areas while exploring new approaches to this generation’s transformative questions. Our graduate programs highlight intersectional approaches that bring together human, technological, and data literacies to push the boundaries of our disciplines.

We offer diverse program types to meet individual career and academic goals, including terminal degrees (Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Architecture); professional degrees (Master of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Design); PlusOne pathways; and Graduate Certificates. Our graduate degree programs are inherently interdisciplinary, led by research faculty across the departments of Art + Design, Architecture, Journalism, Music, and Theatre. Coursework incorporates a range of scholarly, applied, and experiential perspectives, complemented by lively community activities including lecture series, exhibitions, symposia, and more.

This is an exciting time to pursue advanced education and scholarship in creative fields. Never have the arts and culture been so clearly essential to our social, economic, and environmental future: From cultural outreach in underserved communities to designing ethical virtual environments for health and security; from green building innovation to cutting-edge journalism; from provocative performances and thought-provoking installations to incisive data visualizations that change how we view the world—our faculty and students are involved in a wealth of academic endeavors, creative enterprises, and professional experience.

Please use these resources to familiarize yourself with the diverse ranges of programs we offer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the graduate program faculty listed in your fields of interest, and be sure to visit CAMD’s graduate programs website often, where you’ll find current news and links.