Ronald Sandler, PhD, Interim Dean
Thomas J. Vicino, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

CSSH Graduate Office
180 Renaissance Park

CSSH Graduate Programs General Regulations

Our Mission

The departments and programs of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities—with disciplines ranging from economics and history to English and international affairs, just to name a few—form an interdisciplinary collaborative of scholars with global perspectives. The CSSH mission is:

  • To contribute to the experiential liberal arts education of all Northeastern University students

  • To produce cutting-edge knowledge about and solutions to the political and social problems of our contemporary world

  • To foster ethical reasoning and critical thought, with attention to the enduring significance of history, literature, and culture

This mission, along with a strong international focus, gives CSSH a central role in fulfilling Northeastern’s ambition of educating global citizens.

CSSH Graduate Programs 

Graduate education at Northeastern integrates the highest level of scholarship across disciplinary boundaries with significant research and experiential learning opportunities. This multidimensional learning environment offers students an opportunity to develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills while introducing them to new perspectives in their fields. CSSH supports 16 master’s programs, eight doctoral programs, and 12 graduate certificate programs. Some courses and degree programs are offered in an online or hybrid format that provides additional flexibility for learners. Graduate programs in CSSH provide fertile ground and resources for advanced study and research. CSSH faculty members’ cutting-edge interdisciplinary work inspires the development of new programs, research fellowship opportunities, and mentoring relationships.

All CSSH master's programs offer an optional cooperative education experience to eligible students. Cooperative education is central to both the Northeastern experience and to the CSSH experiential liberal arts framework. Northeastern’s signature co-op ecosystem provides qualified master's students with up to six months of work experiences in businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies in Boston, across the United States, and around the world. Through the co-op experience and integrative cocurricular coursework, graduate students apply what they have learned across contexts, bringing knowledge and skills gained in community learning spaces back to our campus learning spaces. 

Our doctoral, master’s, and professional degree programs produce graduates who are well prepared for the diverse demands of careers in academia, industry, and the professions. Please visit the College of Social Sciences and Humanities website for additional information, including latest news and upcoming events.