Only those students who are registered in degree programs are eligible for awards. Award recipients will receive an official award letter from the College of Science via email. Pay attention to this letter as it is an official contract that should be read carefully. In addition, to maintain awards, students must be making satisfactory progress toward their degrees.

Receipt of financial support administered by the College of Science is contingent on satisfactory academic progress toward the degree and on meeting department-specific guidelines. The College of Science requires that all students receiving awards will generally have two semesters to reach a 3.000 grade-point average. Students whose cumulative GPA is below 3.000 will be reviewed by their departments and by the College of Science and may have their funding terminated on recommendation of their department or by decision of the College of Science in consultation with their department. Renewals of awards will depend on the student making satisfactory academic progress toward the degree, including a GPA of 3.000 or the department’s minimum GPA, if it is higher than the College of Science minimum, and satisfactory performance of any duties required by the award.