All graduate transfer credit awards are made on a case-by-case basis. Transfer credit awards are made for eligible courses successfully completed at regionally and programmatically accredited institutions. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation provides information about the organizations responsible for these two forms of accreditation. Official transcripts from all institutions should be sent directly to the College of Professional Studies Office of Admissions at the time of application.

Students seeking transfer credits earned at institutions outside the United States should submit an official English evaluation completed by an approved credential evaluator. Course descriptions and/or syllabi also should be translated into English and submitted to the College of Professional Studies Office of Admissions.

A maximum of 12 quarter hours or four 3-credit courses or three 4-credit courses obtained at another institution may be accepted as transfer toward the degree, provided the credits consist of work taken at the graduate level for graduate credit, carry minimum grades of B (or 3.000 on a 4.000 scale), have been earned at an accredited institution or equivalent, and have not been used toward any baccalaureate or advanced degree or certificate of advanced graduate study at another institution.

Transfer credits must be no more than five academic years old at the time the student is admitted to graduate study. Courses older than five years will be accepted only in rare circumstances.

Prior Learning Assessment

Students may be eligible for PLA credit if they have accrued a foundation of knowledge and skills equivalent to the content of courses offered by the College of Professional Studies.

Awarded credits are incorporated into a student’s degree plan as transfer credits and are subject to the university’s residency requirement. PLA credit is limited to a maximum of 12 quarter hours for graduate students. Acceptable credits for PLA review are credits from certificates, training, and a portfolio review of prior work experience. As part of consideration for PLA credits, faculty will evaluate and map learning outcomes and achievement in alignment with NECHE accreditation requirements.

Potential PLA credits should be considered and discussed as part of a student’s transfer credits at the time of enrollment. Interested students should contact their academic advisor for more information.

Graduate Certificate Transfer Credit Policies

  • A maximum of 4 quarter hours of transfer credit

Master's Degree Transfer Credit Policies

  • A maximum of 12 quarter hours of transfer credit

Doctoral Degree Transfer Credit Policies

  • A maximum of 9 quarter hours of transfer credit for Doctor of Education students
  • A maximum of 8 quarter hours of transfer credit for Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy students
  • No transfer credit is awarded for students in the Doctor of Law and Policy program