A student who is academically dismissed from the College of Professional Studies is not eligible to register again for courses at CPS until they are approved for reinstatement. A student may apply for reinstatement after a minimum of one academic term if they can provide documented evidence supporting the application (e.g., completed two graduate courses with a grade of B or higher at another accredited college or relevant professional development opportunities during the one-term absence). The application must be made in writing by submitting the appropriate form and providing supporting documentation to the Office of Academic Advising.

If reinstatement to the college is approved, a student is expected to meet the most current program admissions and curriculum requirements.

A student approved for reinstatement but who does not meet the admissions requirements for the intended program of study, or if the intended program of study is no longer available, may apply to another program.

Students reinstated must achieve good academic standing in the first term of reinstatement.