“PlusOne program” refers to any program in which students accelerate the attainment of the postbaccalaureate degree by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Credit Sharing

Not more than four graduate courses or 16 semester hours (or 21 quarter hours), whichever is greater, taken while a student is in undergraduate status and participating in an accelerated master’s (so-called PlusOne) program at Northeastern University, may be used to satisfy the requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Exceptions to this credit-sharing limit (due to significantly higher credit requirements for the graduate degree or other special provisions) must be approved through governance processes.

Use of Master's-Level Credits Earned While in Undergraduate Status

Unless they have been accepted into and are enrolled in a designated PlusOne program before the undergraduate degree is conferred, students who took graduate classes to fulfill requirements toward an undergraduate degree at Northeastern may not use those credits later toward a master’s degree. If the student took graduate classes resulting in credits beyond those used for the undergraduate degree program (were not used in undergraduate degree audit), those credits may be considered for use toward a subsequent degree program. If course credits are used toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in a PlusOne, they cannot be used for other credentials (e.g., a certificate).

Graduate course credits earned while a student was in undergraduate status and enrolled in a designated PlusOne program, used to fulfill requirements toward the undergraduate degree, and eligible to be applied toward the designated PlusOne master’s degree program must be designated for such use within the subsequent three academic years after the student receives the bachelor’s degree in which those credits were earned.