An incomplete grade may be reported by the instructor when a student has failed to complete a major component of a required course, such as homework, a quiz or final examination, a term paper, or a laboratory project. Students may make up an incomplete grade by satisfying the requirements of the instructor or, if the instructor is absent, the chair of the department. Be aware that instructors’ policies on the granting of incomplete grades may vary and that the final decision on an incomplete grade is up to the instructor. Instructors may deny requests for an incomplete grade.

To request an incomplete grade, the student must obtain and complete in consultation with the instructor an Incomplete-Grade Contract on which the precise agreement for clearing an incomplete grade is specified. The contract is then signed by the student, the instructor, and the student’s academic advisor. Copies of the form are kept by the student, the instructor, and uploaded to the student’s advising notes. The maximum time period for clearing an incomplete grade is restricted to 30 days from the end of the term in which the course was offered. Instructors may require a shorter due date before approving incomplete grade requests.

International students should consult with the Office of Global Services before requesting an incomplete grade to ensure that they will remain in compliance.

If the missing assignment(s) have not been submitted to the instructor within 30 days from the end of the term in which the course was offered, or the agreed upon due date, the grade entered will reflect the student’s grade in the course for the work completed and the missing assignments receiving no credit toward the final grade. Changes in the final grade will be applied to the term in which the student was enrolled in the course. Any exception to this policy or extension of the deadline must be recommended by the college in which the course was offered and must be forwarded in writing to the Office of the University Registrar for implementation.