103 Stearns Center

Employer Engagement and Career Design serves a diverse and sustainable global network of learners, alumni, and employers, forming a powerful ecosystem that nurtures lifelong career design and partnerships by enabling learners to:

  • Choose a major and explore career options that fit an individual's unique attributes
  • Take advantage of experiential learning opportunities
  • Make career decisions that will engage students and alumni in productive and fulfilling work
  • Prepare for and conduct successful job searches
  • Create meaningful and effective engagement with employers
  • Contribute to meeting global and societal needs

We collaborate closely with the co-op community in all colleges and campuses across the global university while offering a dynamic framework of career design as lifelong learning with distinctive advising and programs to support learners at all stages of their journey. We are committed to supporting all learners and employer partners in eliminating biases and inequitable systems that stand in the way of achieving their goals and fostering an inclusive and just society.