While living in Boston or beyond Boston for co-op or other experiential opportunities, Off Campus Housing and Support Services is here to provide support. For links to off-campus support services, Boston neighborhoods, off-campus apartment listings, renters' rights information, and citywide events, visit the link below.   

Off Campus Housing and Support Services


Off Campus Housing and Support Services at Northeastern provides support and education related to off-campus housing, relocation services, renters' rights information, and community connection. We offer many resources, special programs, and events to help you find off-campus housing in Boston and beyond, connect with roommates, stay connected to campus, and serve as a link to your peers, alumni, and community.

If going on co-op or part of a Northeastern program beyond Boston, we offer leased housing options in popular co-op locations. We also help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter, understand your lease, and how to navigate landlord issues. Peer Community Ambassadors plan programs and events for you, are here to answer all of your questions, and help you meet your neighbors.

Our extensive website offers a host of resources including an apartment search database, information on neighborhoods and transportation, as well as Northeastern, City of Boston, and beyond Boston resources and services.

Off Campus Housing and Support Services publishes an e-newsletter that provides valuable tips and information on upcoming programs and events both on campus and off campus. Individuals interested in receiving our newsletter can email us at offcampus@northeastern.edu.

For more information, visit the Off Campus Housing and Support Services website!