Students must comply with any university-wide health requirements

As a condition of matriculation at Northeastern University, all students are required to submit the completed University Health Report form. Consult the UHCS website for instructions and deadlines to submit the University Health Report form. UHCS may block the registration of those students who do not file the required form(s). 

Clinical Clearance

Based on clinical education site requirements and associated clinical affiliation agreements, some programs in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences will require additional medical documentation and health certification. Additional requirements may include, but are not limited to, exam or statement of good health prior to registration, annual proof of physical examination, and/or proof of additional immunities. This "clinical clearance" may be required by some programs prior to engaging in clinical, internship, or fieldwork. Students should review the UHCS website for general information about clinical clearance as well as consult their major/program handbook and/or consult their program's director or clinical placement coordinator for more information. 

These policies and/or procedures apply to Bouvé’s undergraduate and graduate students.