Prior to entering Northeastern, all enrolled students must complete and submit a University Health Report to University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS). It must be completed and returned by the stated deadline. The required record of immunity section is necessary for compliance with the Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements for Post-Secondary Institutions. Failure to meet the requirement will prevent future course registration. All vaccination information will be entered into the Massachusetts Immunization and Information System (MIIS). This system allows immunization information to be portable between providers, accessible during an emergency, and allows the patient to access the information as needed. To learn more, visit the University Health Report information, including how to opt out of the MIIS reporting. 

Further documentation of immunity is mandatory for students in Bouvé College of Health Sciences. For more information, health sciences students should check with their program advisor or placement supervisor.

Visit the UHCS website to access the University Health Report requirements and more information.