Elizabeth Hudson, PhD, Dean

Jane Amidon, MLA, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Casper Harteveld, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Matthew McDonald, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty and Research
Thomas Michael, MBA, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Andrea Raynor, MFA, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Katherine Calzada, MEd, Assistant Dean for Research Development
Ian Canning, MBA, Assistant Dean for Mobility, Executive, and Partner Programs
Adam Smith, MS, MBA, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs

617.373.5084 (fax)

In today’s global economy, the disciplines within the College of Arts, Media and Design are powerful drivers of growth and innovation. Creative fields and evolving technology make it possible to connect people and ideas as never before, serving as strong catalysts for change and expanding the understanding of our shared humanity.

The college integrates programs of study in architecture, art and design, communication studies, game design, journalism, media and screen studies, music, and theatre with meaningful experiential learning opportunities, enabling students to explore their passions and prepare for postgraduate opportunities in their chosen fields.

The college offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in a number of majors, as well as interdisciplinary combined majors with every college across the university, and offers opportunities for nonmajors to engage in the college through NUpath and an extensive offering of minors. Opportunities available to students in the College of Arts, Media and Design include national and international programs for study and experience; programs in field settings, both local and abroad; and programs involving affiliations in such areas as professional performing arts organizations and media organizations. The college also emphasizes experiential learning through cooperative education; service-learning; and other kinds of internships, student-faculty research collaborations, and study abroad.

Students have a variety of experiential learning options that can be completed in four years. Each plan offers co-op opportunities, typically in an area related to the student’s chosen academic area. Students are normally eligible to participate in co-op as early as the second semester of their sophomore year.

Many programs are flexible enough to allow students to pursue a PlusOne, a double major, a major and a minor, or one of the college’s combined majors. The college also offers students the opportunity to create an independent major in cases where their interests and goals are not met by an existing major program.

Academic Advising

The College of Arts, Media and Design has an academic advising system that consists of academic advisors located in the Academic Advising and Cooperative Education office and faculty mentors located in the college’s academic schools and departments. Detailed advising information is available on the college website. Pre-law advising and premed/prehealth advising are also available. We can be reached by phone at 617.373.5583, by fax at 617.373.8719, or by email at camdadvising@northeastern.edu.

Academic Progression Standards

The College of Arts, Media and Design adheres to the university's academic progression standards. Some programs have additional specific requirements in order to progress from year to year or to graduate from that program. This information can be found on each program's page.

Graduation Clearance Process

Students in the College of Arts, Media and Design are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor to determine their remaining graduation requirements. Some departments also require a meeting with a faculty mentor. The graduation clearance process should be completed in the junior year to facilitate planning of all remaining requirements.   

College Requirements

All students in the College of Arts, Media and Design must successfully complete the university requirements of NUpath. In addition, students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must fulfill the BA requirements.