Learning, Knowing, Doing, Leading

NUpath is Northeastern University’s set of institutionwide general education requirements for all students in all majors. The goal of NUpath is to develop in our students the knowledge and skills to be lifelong learners with success in many careers, to be thoughtful global citizens, and to be fulfilled human beings. It offers students the flexibility to integrate general education learning into their individual educational journeys while maintaining the rigor of high standards through defined learning outcomes, making NUpath a unique tool for personalized enrichment. NUpath is competency based rather than course based. It is built around essential, broad-based knowledge and skills—such as understanding societies and using and analyzing data—integrated with specific content areas and disciplines.

NUpath requirements are met throughout a student’s program of study. NUpath requirements are not restricted to specific colleges or departments and can be fulfilled through major, minor, or concentration requirements as well as through general electives. NUpath courses may not be taken pass/fail. NUpath is required for all freshmen who entered in fall 2016 and later. It does not apply to students already admitted with a different set of core requirements or to transfer students whose entry year was earlier than the fall of 2016.