Located in Employer Engagement and Career Design, Pre-Law Advising at Northeastern University is a resource for current students and alumni who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal field.  Pre-law is an unofficial self-designation that can be claimed by students and alumni exploring law as a potential career path as well as those in need of assistance with navigating the law school application process.  Regarding academic requirements, there is no recommended undergraduate major, nor are there any specific courses required for entrance to law school.  Pre-law is not an official status that needs to be declared nor does it denote a particular program of study.  Northeastern encourages undergraduates to pursue a major of their choice based on their interests and abilities, supplemented with robust co-op, leadership, and service experiences.  To build legal skills, we guide students to enroll in challenging courses that develop core skills and values, such as analytical and problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, research, critical reading, oral and written communication, organization and project management, public service, and promotion of justice.

Pre-Law Advising offers support through:

  • Assisting individuals in identifying their VIPS (values, interests, personality, skills, strengths) and goals to determine if law school is the right fit
  • Distributing programming and opportunities to learn more about pre-law pathways and gain hands-on experience
  • Offering strategic advice on the law school application process
  • Providing feedback on written materials such as the law resumé and law school admission essays

In addition, Northeastern offers the PlusJD program. Designed for academically outstanding, motivated, and resourceful students, the PlusJD—Northeastern’s Fast Track to Law School program—selects highly qualified Northeastern students to begin their first-year law school courses during their last year of undergraduate study. Credits earned in the shared year are applied toward both their bachelor’s and law degrees. As a result, students can complete both degrees in as little as six years, saving a full year of time and tuition.

Note: If you are interested in the PlusJD program, you should speak with your academic advisor first to ensure you are on track to meet the requirements of this plan.

Please visit the School of Law's website for more information about the PlusJD program.