Kim Irmiter, MA


The Explore Program welcomes entering students who would like to explore their academic interests before choosing a major and introduces them to the university’s broad range of disciplines. Working closely with a combination of faculty, academic advisors, and undergraduate peer mentors, undeclared students at Northeastern University are engaged in personal and meaningful discovery. They are not just seeking a major; they look for clues to the future and find answers to the question: “How will I make my impact?” 

Undeclared students enroll in a small-cohort first-year seminar taught by a Northeastern academic advisor and two student leaders. In this seminar, students develop strategic exploration plans to ensure they are able to take full advantage of the vast array of academic and experiential opportunities offered at Northeastern. Students will also attend exploratory programs where they engage with faculty and students in majors to gain an informed understanding of the disciplines that interest them most.

Students may declare a major at any time but are expected to do so by the end of sophomore year. Admission to a particular major is dependent on satisfying the criteria described in this catalog under Degrees, Majors, and Minors