Northeastern University’s thriving culture of scholarly and creative innovation provides students with many opportunities to create and disseminate new knowledge, practices, and solutions to pressing global challenges. Research and creative endeavors are key components of Northeastern’s experiential learning model. Experiences can range from laboratory bench work to the analysis of Big Data to archival research to collaborative theatre productions. This work can take place in a variety of contexts and formats, including the following:

  • Courses, which generally fulfill major elective requirements
  • Labs or centers 
  • Research or creative-based co-ops or internships
  • Community-based research or creative endeavor
  • Research or creative-based activity as the option for work-study work
  • Research or creative endeavor as a service activity
  • Junior/senior honors projects

The Undergraduate Research and Fellowships office, along with other offices and programs on campus, support students through workshops, mentoring, and consultation on applications for distinguished fellowships and advanced study; funding through the universitywide Project-Based Exploration for the Advancement of Knowledge, or PEAK Experiences Awards; and much more. Northeastern undergraduates are an important part of Northeastern’s culture of research and creative practice, and they frequently present their findings at national and international conferences; in scholarly journals; and at the university’s annual Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo. We believe that the best answers—and the best questions—are born out of bringing diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge into conversation with one another. Therefore, we believe that a diverse and inclusive community of researchers, creative practitioners, and fellowship applicants not only fosters innovation and creativity but is a precondition of the excellence for which we strive.