A student whose overall GPA falls below 3.000 will be automatically placed on academic probation and will be notified by the college. Once on probation, a student has one academic semester (summer excluded) to achieve a 3.000 GPA. If the GPA is still unsatisfactory at the end of that semester, the student will be eligible for dismissal from the graduate programIn programs that require prerequisite or Align bridge courses, these courses count toward the GPA for academic standing.

Students should refer to their program’s requirements page regarding any applicable core GPA requirement.

Appeals Process

Students are entitled to appeal dismissal and dismissal override decisions made by the college’s Academic Standing Committee. Appeals should be submitted within five business days of dismissal notification. All appeals to the college should be submitted in writing. The appeals committee will be comprised of the associate dean of graduate programs, the associate dean of graduate program administration, the director of graduate operations, and an academic advisor. Cases submitted concerning students from interdisciplinary programs will be reviewed by an appeals committee that includes a member of the partner college administration at the associate dean or faculty level. Student appeals will first be heard by the committee itself and then by the college dean. Appeals will be reviewed within five business days of submission by the Academic Standing Committee. In the event the appeal is denied at both college levels, the student will have the right to have their appeal heard by a provost review committee.

Details regarding the university appeal process can be found in the graduate catalog here.