Students are expected to attend all classes and lab sections for their registered courses. Any student who anticipates missing a class due to illness or emergency situations is expected to contact their professor as soon as possible.

While students are welcome to travel over winter and summer breaks, the Khoury College of Computer Sciences expects students to return to campus in a timely manner and to be present for the first week of classes each term. Students who do not arrive back to campus on time may be dropped from their classes until they return to campus. The Office of the University Registrar posts current and future academic calendars on their website so travel plans can be made accordingly.

Students who are hired as teaching assistants are to be present and fulfill all expected employment responsibilities for the entirety of the semester. The scope of employment will include but not be limited to first class welcome/orientation through the grading of final examinations or final projects. Any violation or neglect of these requirements will be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.