Regular Student

Those students who are admitted to a degree program.

Conditional Student

Students whose admissions files are missing documentation. A student who has not provided required documentation for admission by the due date for final grades for the student’s first academic term will not be permitted to register for a future term.

Special Student

Special students are enrolled on a part-time basis (no more than 6 semester hours per semester). Credit can be earned for a maximum of 12 semester hours over time. Students interested in taking more than 12 semester hours must make a formal application to the degree program through Northeastern University's online application portal. Special students who do not register for four consecutive semesters (excluding summer semester) will be subject to review and possible withdrawal by CAMD graduate studies.

Student Status

For academic purposes, a graduate student is considered a full-time student if enrolled in a minimum of 8 semester hours of credit for the semester, with the following exceptions:

  • A student is considered full time if enrolled in a full-time co-op.
  • Students enrolled in Dissertation or Continuation are considered full time. 

Note: Full-time status may be defined differently for federal loan purposes. For information, contact Student Financial Services, 617.373.5899.