German, Minor

We live in a truly global world where the leaders of tomorrow will dwell in and negotiate all transactions in spaces not claimed in exclusivity by a single people, language, or culture. Knowing German will help you become a truly global citizen. Successful completion of the minor demonstrates the attainment of intermediate to advanced proficiency in the language, as well as cultural understanding and agility. The minor also opens before you a fascinating cultural and intellectual world in and beyond the classroom with a myriad of opportunities to travel, live, and work abroad.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.

Students are required to take a total of five classes. These classes may include courses and language classes at or above the intermediate level in Dialogues of Civilization at NU. A maximum of two courses of transfer credits, including transferable courses taken abroad, may count toward the five classes in the minor.

Culture Course Requirement

CLTR 1120Introduction to Languages, Literature, and Culture4

 Language Requirement

Students may waive any of these courses by taking the language exam in the World Languages Center.

GRMN 2101Intermediate German 14
GRMN 2102Intermediate German 24


Complete two of the following:
Special Topics in German
Special Topics in German
Cultural Engagement Abroad
History of Espionage 2: Cold War Spies
Hitler, Germany, and the Holocaust
The Holocaust and Comparative Genocide
Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Language and Culture
Responses to the Holocaust
Moral Philosophy
Psychology of Language

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor