American Sign Language and Theatre, BS

The American Sign Language (ASL) Program curriculum is an intensive program of study dedicated to preparing individuals to interact in a positive and supportive manner with members of the American Deaf Community. This Program is designed to assist students in acquiring competence in American Sign Language, developing an understanding of the American Deaf Community and its culture, and applying their linguistic and cultural skills and knowledge to a particular academic area of study.

This major is designed for students who want to combine an understanding of the American Deaf Community and its culture to the study and making of theatre, including performance, design, and production. It offers both classroom and experiential learning on the creative, social, and linguistic relationship between theatre and the American Deaf Community. Students may study acting, dramatic literature, and production design to develop the skills to be professional ASL/English interpreters and/or performers for theatrical productions.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified and complete any additional courses needed beyond specific college and major requirements to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Experiential Liberal Arts

All undergraduate students in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities are required to complete the Experiential Liberal Arts Requirement.

American Sign Language Requirements

American Sign Language
AMSL 1101Elementary ASL 14
AMSL 1102Elementary ASL 24
AMSL 2101Intermediate ASL 14
AMSL 2102Intermediate ASL 24
AMSL 3101Advanced ASL 14
Social and Cultural World
DEAF 1500Deaf People in Society4
DEAF 2500Deaf History and Culture4
LING 1150Introduction to Language and Linguistics4
DEAF 2700ASL Linguistics4
Performance Interpreting
INTP 3550Performance Interpreting—Interpreting for the Theatre4
INTP 3500The Interpreting Profession2

Theatre Requirements

A grade of C or higher is required for all theatre courses.
Foundational Stages
THTR 1101Introduction to Theatre4
THTR 1120Acting 14
THTR 1131Technical Theatre 14
THTR 1270Introduction to Theatrical Design4
THTR 2325From Script to Stage4
Theatre Texts and Context
Choose one of the following:4
Classics of Global Theatre
Rebels of Modern Drama
America Onstage: Dramatizing the Dream
Theatre and Society
Making Theatre
THTR 1100Production Experience 11
THTR 2000Production Experience 21
Intermediate or Advanced Technique
Choose two of the following:8
Classics of Global Theatre
History of Musical Theatre
Rebels of Modern Drama
America Onstage: Dramatizing the Dream
Theatre and Society
Acting 2
Acting for the Camera
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Scenic Design
Voice and Speech for the Actor
Acting 3—Playing Shakespeare
Directing for the Stage
Musical Theatre Performance

Integrative Requirement

INTP 4940Interpreting Research Practicum4
THTR 4702Capstone Rehearsal and Performance4

Combined-Major GPA Requirement

Minimum 2.750 GPA required in all ASL courses
Minimum 2.500 overall GPA required

Combined-Major Credit/Grade Requirement

Complete 88 semester hours in the major. A minimum grade of C is required for all theatre courses.

Program Requirement

128 total semester hours required

Four Years, No Co-op

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
AMSL 11014AMSL 11024Vacation0Vacation0
DEAF 15004THTR 11204  
THTR 11014MATH 12154  
ENGW 11114Elective4  
 16 16 0 0
Year 2
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
AMSL 21014AMSL 21024Vacation0Vacation0
LING 11504DEAF 27004  
DEAF 25004THTR 11314  
THTR 12704Elective4  
 16 16 0 0
Year 3
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
INTP 45604THTR 12604Vacation0Vacation0
THTR 23254INTP 35504  
THTR 37004THTR 23004  
INTP 35104AMSL 31024  
 16 16 0 0
Year 4
THTR 11001Elective4  
ENGW 33154Elective4  
THTR 35504INTP 49404  
Elective4THTR 20001  
 17 17  
Total Hours: 130