Accelerated Bachelor/Graduate Degree Programs

Northeastern University offers a number of PlusOne bachelor’s/master’s degree programs that allow students to accelerate the completion of the bachelor’s degree by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Generally, both degrees may be earned in one more year than is the normal time allotted for completion of the bachelor’s degree. See additional information on PlusOne Bachelor’s/Master’s programs.

While a number of PlusOne bachelor’s/master’s degree programs have been predefined, students may propose to combine other CSSH undergraduate and graduate programs. For more information on the formal process of proposing student-initiated PlusOne programs, please visit the CSSH graduate programs website

Northeastern University School of Law also admits students from a small number of programs in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities to a 3+3 program that allows students to count their first year of law school toward their undergraduate degree.

Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice, BS/Criminal Justice, MS
  • Criminal Justice, BS/JD


  • Economics, BA/Economics, MA
  • Economics, BS/Economics, MA


  • English, BA/English, MA


  • History, BA/History, MA
  • History, BS/History, MA
  • History, BA/JD
  • History, BS/JD

Human Services

  • Human Services, BA/College Student Development and Counseling, MS
  • Human Services, BS/College Student Development and Counseling, MS

International Affairs

  • International Affairs, BA/MA

Philosophy and Religion

  • Philosophy, BA/JD
  • Philosophy, BS/JD

Political Science

  • Political Science, BA/Political Science, MA
  • Political Science, BA/Public Administration, MPA
  • Political Science, BA/Security and Resilience Studies, MS
  • Political Science, BA/International Affairs, MA
  • Political Science, BS/Political Science, MA
  • Political Science, BS/Public Administration, MPA
  • Political Science, BS/Security and Resilience Studies, MS
  • Political Science, BA/JD
  • Political Science, BS/JD


  • Sociology, BA/Sociology, MA
  • Sociology, BS/Sociology, MA