Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Carmen C. Sceppa, MD, PhD, Dean

215 Behrakis Health Sciences Center
617.373.3030 (fax)

Jennifer Kirwin, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Clinical Professor – Department of Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences, School of Pharmacy

120 Behrakis Health Sciences Center
617.373.4701 (fax)

Undergraduate Office of Student Services
120 Behrakis Health Sciences Center
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The Bouvé College of Health Sciences strongly supports the mission of Northeastern University as a practice-oriented, student-centered, experiential research institution. The college is committed to the goals of the university, which include excellence in education, research, scholarship, clinical practice, experiential learning, access to educational opportunities, and a strong professional orientation. 

Bouvé offers students an education in health, health profession fields, and public health that features a curriculum of highly relevant, closely integrated, basic and applied courses in the physical, biological, behavioral, social, environmental, and health systems sciences. Students engage in interprofessional patient care, interdisciplinary translational research, and experiential learning opportunities through the university’s signature cooperative education program, as well as through service-learning, research, and global experiences.

Bouvé leverages interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration to tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges. The college seeks to prepare students to become clinicians, researchers, and leaders in healthcare and in the promotion of health of individuals and populations.

Students are provided a broad range of services and programs to ensure their academic success and enhance their overall educational experience at Northeastern University, from their first year through graduation. Faculty are deeply committed to student success, as students interact with world-class healthcare and educational institutions nationally and globally, to advance health for all.  

Academic Requirements

Students are responsible for following the program requirements for their respective major, pattern of attendance, and graduation year. Students are responsible for monitoring their own progress through the curriculum by registering for the courses stipulated by their curriculum plan, abiding by course prerequisites, regularly checking their degree audits, and knowing the consequences for unsatisfactory academic progress. Any exceptions to a student's curriculum plan will be determined by protocols established by the program, after consultation with the student's academic advisor.

The minimum passing grade for a course within a curriculum is stipulated in the program requirements published in this catalog. The minimum passing grades required for certain NUpath writing-intensive courses is established by the university and can be viewed at this section of the catalog. For a course where the minimum passing grade is not established in the program requirements published in this catalog, the university's minimum passing grade for the course will be accepted.

Progression within Bouvé

  • First-year students must complete at least 27 semester hours and meet all major prerequisite course requirements to progress to sophomore status.

  • Students who incur an incomplete grade in a prerequisite course may not progress into the subsequent courses(s). Any exceptions will be determined by protocols established by the program, after consultation with the student's academic advisor.

  • Please see each program's requirements page in this catalog for progression requirements specific to that program.

Academic Dismissal from Major

Students in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences will be dismissed from their major effective the following academic semester for failure to earn the minimum required grade in the same course twice. Additional grounds for academic dismissal specific to each major can be found on the program requirements page of the major in this catalog.

Note: Students dismissed from their major but who are otherwise in good standing with the university are allowed to remain at Northeastern University for up to two semesters as a provisional Bouvé student, by the end of which the student is expected to move into a new major. If not moved into a new major by the end of two semesters, the student will be blocked from further registration.

Academic Appeals

Students who believe that they were erroneously, capriciously, or otherwise unfairly treated in an academic or cooperative education decision may petition to appeal the decision. Additional details about the process may be found in the Bouvé College Academic Affairs Appeals Policy and in Appeals Policies and Procedures in the university Undergraduate Student Handbook.  


Bouvé College does not permit the use of a hand-calculated GPA under any circumstances. All grade-point calculations will be performed by the university's standard process.

Other Policies and Procedures 

In addition to policies and procedures referenced here, the following policies and procedures published in Bouvé’s graduate catalog also apply to Bouvé’s undergraduate students: