Immersive Media, Minor

This is an interdisciplinary minor that provides a foundation in the design and development of immersive experiences in the exploration of human connection and interaction through media and technology. Focusing on the core principles, tools, and techniques of immersive media development, students have an opportunity to learn to tell stories, prototype new worlds, and explore creative workflows that will help shape the future of design.

The minor serves students who are interested in the following areas: human-computer interaction, enhanced realities, virtual reality, augmented reality, augmented virtuality, extended reality, and cross reality.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified. Students who wish to register for 2000-level courses and above need to plan ahead in order to complete prerequisite course(s) ahead of time.

A student pursuing this minor must complete a minimum of four courses exclusive to this minor beyond the courses required for the student’s declared major(s), minor(s), or PlusOne.


Some of the courses for the minor require prerequisites not listed here. 

Extended Realities
ARTD 2000Introduction to Immersive Media4
Complete after all required and elective courses:
ARTG 3100Physical and Digital Fabrication4
Object-Oriented Programming Elective
Complete one from the following list: 4
Programming Basics
Fundamentals of Computer Science 2
Fundamentals of Engineering Algorithms
Special Topics in Music Technology
Computational Problem Solving in Physics
Extended Realities Electives
Complete two of the following:8
Content Creation
Animation Basics (with optinal ARTD 2371)
Animation 1
Virtual Environment Design
Animation for Games
Computer Science and Its Applications
Game Programming
Game Studio
Rapid Idea Prototyping for Games
Engineering Problem Solving and Computation
Cornerstone of Engineering 1
Engineering Structure and Function: Principles of Design in Nature
Design Analysis and Innovation
Introduction to Web Development
Narrative Development
Narrative Basics
The Graphic Novel
Narrative for Games
Journalism 1: Fundamentals of Reporting
Digital Storytelling and Social Media
Magazine Writing
Podcast and Radio Journalism
Narrative Filmmaking
Business and Innovation
Only one course may be taken from this area:
Lean Design and Rapid Prototyping
Information Visualization for Business
Managing Customer Engagement in a Service World
Digital Marketing

GPA Requirement

2.500 GPA required in the minor