Program Status and Progression

All degree requirements must be completed within seven years of matriculation, although individual academic programs may require completion in a shorter time frame. Each student is responsible for reviewing the requirements for the student's particular program. A student’s failure or inability to register does not extend the amount of time allowed to complete the program. Students should be registered by the first week of each semester (fall, spring, and, where indicated, summer).  Course credits earned in programs of graduate study are valid for a maximum of seven years. A student may request an extension of these time frames from the program director and the Bouvé associate dean for academic affairs.

After reaching candidacy, students must register for Dissertation for a minimum of two semesters. Continuation status enrollment is for students who are postcandidacy, have completed all coursework and their residency requirement, and are actively engaged in completing a dissertation.

In order to progress in clinical courses that are sequenced, a student must receive a passing grade in all prior courses in the sequence. In the event that a student fails a clinical course that is not part of a sequence, progression is at the discretion of the student’s academic advisor and/or the program director. When a student fails a clinical course that is part of a sequence of courses, the course instructor must notify the Bouvé Office of Student Services. Course material related to the student’s failure (e.g., examination reports, clinical reports) must be made available to the student for review.

Annual Review for PhD Students

The academic progress of each PhD student will be evaluated through an annual review. A copy of each review shall be submitted to the student and the Graduate Office. If the annual academic review reports that a student is not making sufficient academic progress due to research performance, the PhD student will be placed on academic probation. After two consecutive semesters on academic probation, the student may be dismissed from the program.

Conditional Acceptances

A student who is accepted conditionally to a graduate program at Bouvé College of Health Sciences must meet the conditions set in the acceptance letter before the student matriculates into the program and prove that they have fulfilled the stated condition(s). Examples of conditions include receipt of official verification of previous degree completion, completion of missing prerequisite courses, receipt of a missing recommendation, receipt of standardized test scores, and translation of international documents.

Students who fail to meet the conditions of their acceptance may be subject to dismissal from the program. 

Program Extension Procedures 

Students may seek an extension to complete their program of study only under documented extenuating circumstances. The student must complete the Graduate Program Status Change form and an action plan to complete the degree requirements. The form and the proposed action plan must be submitted to the program director and to the Bouvé Office of Student Services for approval. After the form is reviewed, a program extension may be granted. 

Leave of Absence 

Students planning on taking a leave of absence should first meet with their academic advisor to discuss their intention to submit a request for a leave of absence one month prior to the start of the semester during which they plan to take the leave. After meeting with their academic advisor, the student should then submit the leave of absence petition through the Student Hub. Students returning from a leave of absence should notify the Bouvé Office of Student Services of their intent to return at least one month prior to the start of the semester. Students with an approved leave of absence who do not return at the end of the leave of absence period will be withdrawn by the university. Please refer to the Leaves of Absence and University Withdrawal in this catalog for more information and policies on leaves of absence. Individual programs may have additional procedures related to leaves of absence. Consult the program's overview and requirements page in this catalog in addition to the information above.    

Withdrawal Procedures

Students can withdraw from the university only through the Student Hub. Students are responsible for dropping any courses in which they are currently registered and should have an exit interview with their financial aid advisor. Faculty members are not responsible to notify the university of a student's withdrawal. For more information on withdrawal procedures, please refer to the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures page. For information concerning refund policies, please refer to the Student Financial Services website

Grading Policies

Requirements for fulfillment of a degree in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences graduate school vary by program. Students must consult their individual academic program's requirements page in this catalog, as well as program directors (if applicable), for specific credit and noncredit requirements necessary to earn a specific degree. See also Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures for more information.