A student may be dismissed from a graduate program when they have failed to maintain academic requirements or have violated a policy that specifies immediate dismissal. All students shall have an opportunity to correct academic deficiencies during an appropriate probationary period before dismissal is instituted, except when the policy specifies "immediate dismissal."

Students may be subject to dismissal from a program under the following conditions. (Note: Additional requirements that are not included in this list, but are specific to the student’s major, may also apply.)

  • The student exhibits unethical behavior or misconduct in their academic program, practicum, internship, or research.
  • The faculty instructor and/or the clinical supervisor determines that the student has demonstrated unsafe or inappropriate behavior in a clinical setting.
  • The student does not register for at least one class for two consecutive semesters and does not have an approved leave of absence.
  • The student has a cumulative grade-point average below 3.000 at the end of the probationary period specified by the action plan.
  • The student does not demonstrate satisfactory performance in achieving the objectives of a clinical course.
  • The student fails to meet all the requirements of the program within the specified time limit mandated by the program and has not been approved for a formal extension.
  • The student in a PhD program fails to successfully complete the PhD qualifying/comprehensive exams as stipulated by the program.
  • The student fails to progress satisfactorily in research or fails to identify a committee for their thesis or dissertation within the time specified by the policies of the specific program.
  • The student has failed to file an action plan within one month of notification of probation.
  • The student has failed to meet the requirements of the action plan, including requirements that are specific to the student’s major.
  • The student has failed three courses or has failed the same course twice.

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal of a student from a program is initiated by the program director once the basis for the dismissal is provided to and reviewed by the Bouvé Office of Student Services. The program director will then notify the student of the dismissal. Students may then appeal the dismissal via the Bouvé College Academic Affairs Appeals ProcessNote: Students dismissed from their major/program but who are otherwise in good standing with the university are allowed to remain at Northeastern University for up to two semesters as a provisional Bouvé student, by the end of which, the student is expected to move into a new major. If not moved into a new major by the end of two semesters, the student will be blocked from further registration.

When a student is dismissed from the university, they are not permitted to remain registered for courses in the immediate next academic term. If the university dismissal is successfully appealed, a student may register for classes in the following academic term.