SMT 6010. Building Business Acumen. (3 Hours)

Offers students an opportunity to develop business acumen by examining how a business achieves its goals, studying how to assess the critical interdependencies across functions and divisions, and analyzing how financial and strategic decisions impact value creation. Emphasizes the short- and long-term trade-offs of business decisions; the role of marketing, sales, and customer service; and the tools to analyze and synthesize market and competitive data. Focuses on the assessment of key performance indicators that are most useful to appreciate the value of each customer to the organization.

SMT 6020. Managing the Customer Experience. (3 Hours)

Offers students a framework for managing the customer experience in the digital era. Examines ways to influence every stage of the customer-decision journey, from lead generation to building long-term customer relationships. Engages students in the application of best practices in sales and service management in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors. Emphasizes ethical standards and trust in the customer engagement process.

SMT 6060. Decision Support and Sales Analytics. (3 Hours)

Introduces current and emerging business analytical concepts and information technologies to support decision making and business intelligence for the sales industry. Discusses commercial decision support systems in various application areas using case studies, including CRM (customer relationship management), web analytics applications, sales force management systems, etc.

SMT 6980. Sales Management Capstone. (3 Hours)

Offers students, working as individuals or in groups, an opportunity to design and carry out an interdisciplinary project conducted with real-world clients. Applies strategic frameworks and best practices to help organizations shift from seller-centric models to buyer-centric sales approaches.

SMT 6983. Special Topics. (3 Hours)

Covers special topics relevant to the sales management industry. May be repeated up to four times.