GBST 1011. Globalization and International Affairs. (4 Hours)

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing global/international affairs. Examines the politics, economics, culture, and history of current international issues through lectures, guest lectures, film, case studies, and readings across the disciplines.

GBST 1012. The Global Learning Experience. (1 Hour)

Examines global citizenship in the 21st century. Introduces the concepts of global citizenship, cosmopolitanism, pluralism, and culture. Connects local issues at host sites with broader dynamics of globalization, migration, positionality, power, and privilege. Offers opportunities to analyze and apply ideas through personal reflection, application of intercultural theory, and team-based problem solving.

GBST 1020. Community Learning 1. (1 Hour)

Offers an introduction to community learning, social justice, and cross-cultural collaboration in Boston. The main objective is to help students prepare for, gain from, and reflect upon their semester in Boston as a profound global experience. Uses lectures, course readings, group discussions, collaborative projects, and semester-long service-learning opportunities to challenge students to ask critical questions and become global citizens and ambassadors by actively participating in their own learning community, as well as the greater Northeastern community, and beyond into Boston. Ongoing, online reflection is designed to help students articulate their own experiences, respond to others’ experiences, and ultimately make connections with the global experiences of others.

GBST 1030. Community Learning 2. (1 Hour)

Continues the introduction of community learning, social justice, and cross-cultural collaboration begun in GBST 1020. Offers students an opportunity to develop and use English-language and professional communication skills to contribute to a local community organization through service-learning. Through weekly class sessions, direct service encounters, and reflection activities, students build relationships with community members, develop flexibility in their professional (often intercultural) English-language communication skills, and participate in social change through responsible action. The knowledge, skills, and awareness that students cultivate in this course support their future academic and co-op experiences.

Prerequisite(s): GBST 1020 with a minimum grade of D-

GBST 1102. Global Corporate and Social Responsibility. (4 Hours)

Examines the social responsibilities of corporations and individuals in the global twenty-first century. Topics may include outsourcing, offshoring, international labor laws, global environmental responsibility, global human rights, global citizenship, and sustainable development. In addition, the course focuses on the use of qualitative and quantitative methods in the analysis of current policies and practices of multinational corporations, nation-states, and international nongovernmental organizations.