PBR 6001. Communications Technology Lab. (1 Hour)

Focuses on the critical skill of using HubSpot to manage marketing communications. Marketing technology tools are the most in-demand skill set for marketers today. Introduces all key digital communications tools: content development, social media, PR, CRM, and email marketing. Offers students a weekly opportunity to build a comprehensive campaign that will become a portfolio piece, validating their experience with HubSpot to potential employers.

PBR 6100. Introduction to Public Relations. (3 Hours)

Introduces the ideas, skills, and principles that underlie the public relations craft. Designed for career changers and those new to public relations. Offers students an opportunity to study the role and contributions of public relations practitioners in contemporary society; to learn about potential legal and ethical aspects of the practice of public relations; to study the communication process and how persuasion is used with various audiences; and to learn how to develop a strategic communication plan to achieve specific goals and objectives. Also introduces students to specialized practice areas within the public relations field, such as business and industry, government, nonprofits and associations, and healthcare.

PBR 6125. Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. (3 Hours)

Explores why corporate social responsibility and strong community relations are increasingly important elements of business strategy. Considers the factors that enable an organization to build relationships with the broader community within which it operates. Offers students an opportunity to develop a corporate social responsibility campaign as a signature assignment that incorporates ethical considerations and multimedia methods of delivery.

PBR 6130. Public Relations Content Development. (3 Hours)

Focuses on how to conceptualize and generate communications content in support of brand awareness and key organizational objectives. Offers students an opportunity to understand when and how to use different content approaches as part of communications outreach. Also offers them a chance to create common public relations products such as online display ads, media pitches, social media calendars and posts, and webpages and online videos.

PBR 6135. Public Relations Strategy and Planning. (3 Hours)

Examines the role and responsibilities of public relations professionals in promoting brand identity and organizational reputation as a key element in an organization’s business strategy. Explores the skills and knowledge required for ensuring that strategic messages resonate with target audiences, both domestic and global. Offers students an opportunity to develop a strategic public relations strategy as a signature assignment.

PBR 6140. Advanced Public Relations Content Development. (3 Hours)

Constitutes an advanced course that offers students an opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge of different types of public relations content. Focuses on the characteristics of different PR products and how to use them to reach key audiences and prompt desired reactions. Offers students an opportunity to create such public relations products as an email promotion, an online news center, a blog, and event marketing materials.

PBR 6710. Public Relations Research: Understanding External Audiences. (3 Hours)

Focuses on the important role of market research and the use of existing data to gain insights into the attitudes of a wide range of external stakeholders, including journalists, investors, and customers, as well as the role environmental conditions play in the overall media campaign process. Offers students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of research steps—including surveys, focus groups, and psychographic data—and to identify and analyze attitudinal patterns in target audiences as the foundation for effective public and media relations campaign strategies.

Prerequisite(s): PBR 6100 (may be taken concurrently) with a minimum grade of C-

PBR 6962. Elective. (1-4 Hours)

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions. May be repeated without limit.

PBR 7962. Elective. (1-4 Hours)

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions.